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One mistake that people make is underestimating the importance of the location they choose for their photoshoot. Backgrounds are so important for style!! In this blog post I walk you through how to pick the best one for your family session.

Okay y’all, get ready to be blown away by this session not just because their clothes were on point, or because the natural light in this room was a photographer’s DREAM, or even because this nursery is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! Nope, get ready to be blown away because Jamie freaking Catts is the personification of perfection.

san antonio lifestyle newborn session

THESE TWO ARE THE CUTEST!!! We had an absolute BLAST at their anniversary session! I swear we didn’t stop laughing and smiling and telling stories the. whole. time. You can’t help but be just… joyful around Chad and Cheyennne. I have so much empathy and respect for all medical couples (Cheyenne attends Kyle’s medical school), […]

Brackenridge Park anniversary session in San Antonio

Let’s face it, although family photos are a wonderful keepsake to remind you of how much you love your family, the process of getting those photos can be… well… stressful. I became a family photographer because on those super frustrating hard days, when your children are driving you crazy and life seems like it’s coming […]

Mini sessions are so fun but can be so hard!! They’re awesome because they’re a little cheaper for people, and we can serve more families in a single evening instead of the one longer evening session slot we usually offer. And they can be a little less stressful for parents because little kids (and adults […]

san antonio family photo at the Pearl

GUYS! This whole getting ready for Board Exams (the this-test-will-determine-your-entire-medical-career-and-therefore-your-life test) is no joke. Kyle’s been studying for months and has barely scratched the surface of everything he needs to know. Soon he’ll be done with classes and he’ll start “dedicated study” time where he’ll literally be studying for 16 hours a day. MEH! Good […]

San Antonio family photo in a field

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