About Sara


Hi! I'm Sara, a San Antonio family and wedding photographer who follows Jesus and loves nothing more than chocolate, my puppy, and husband!

When I'm not working at the San Antonio Children's Museum and my husband isn't studying for medical school, we're playing our board games, reading, or hiking!

Meet sara:

amazing puppy who fills my life with love and laughter!


times a week I fantasize about running away to Europe with my hubby


times watching Gilmore Girls all the way through


My soul isn't full until I've facetimed family, gone to lunch with a friend, or hosted a gamenight


My husband says I have an "artist's soul" - I need adventure! I love to try new things and travel to new places!


Seriously guys, all things chocolate. Brownies, dove chocolate, NUTELLA. Literally all of it. 


During the pandemic I needed something to do that wasn't on a screen. I started gardening and FELL IN LOVE!


What I love Most:

am obsessed with hedgehogs.

Most people don't know that I:

my husband, Kyle.

My favorite person in the world is:

rocky road ice cream

I would do anything for a 

hearing the vows

My favorite part of a wedding is:

a dance teacher

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

Gilmore Girls

If I could live in any TV show it would be



 I realized God was calling me in a different direction.

I'd always been interested in photography, so during my last semester of college (I got a degree in Sociology!) I signed up for a photography class just for fun. I never thought anything would come of it, I just really enjoyed learning and wanted to try something new.

But throughout the length of that class, I kept feeling like I wasn't supposed to go into the non-profit sector like I had always thought I would. God put a feeling in my heart that there was something else for me to do. But I couldn't figure out what!

After graduation, Kyle and I moved to San Antonio for him to start medical school. I started applying for jobs  but felt like nothing was working out. It was like God was slamming every door in my face. 


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On top of all that, my health took a turn for the worst. I've had a chronic migraine disorder since I was 14 years old, but after we moved to San Antonio, I could barely function. 

It was an incredibly difficult time for me, but looking back on it now, I can see it was one more way for God to help guide me towards the path I'm currently on. Due to my migraine disorder, I needed a job that was flexible enough that I could work when I felt well, AND a job I was passionate enough about that I could find the motivation to push through even when it was hard. 

With the help of great doctors, I started getting better and took to exploring my new town with my puppy by my side and my camera around my neck.

Soon I had friends asking for family photos. I absolutely LOVED IT!! 

It wasn't always easy...

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And thus Sara Welburn Photography was born! I love the everyday beauty and love I get to experience when shooting family sessions, but I just adore the elegance, attention to detail, and excitement that comes from a wedding day. So I decided to keep doing both!

 I get to capture the precious moments of people's lives - the love of siblings during a family session, a dad seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, the first few days of a newborn's life. 

And most importantly, I get to spread God's love to each and everyone of those people. I get to see those intimate, cherished milestones as they live out the plan God has for their life and I get to remind them that GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE! And it will be far more beautiful than any photo I could ever take.

Having a Business...

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disney movies


sara's favorites

Soft, fuzzy blankets

chuy's jalapeno queso



hallmark christmas movies

breakfast for dinner

any book by Tamora pierce

any book by sarah M. eden