San Antonio wedding/family photographer, Chipotle enthusiast, and lover of all things tater tot!

Hi, I'm sara! 

San Antonio wedding/family photographer, Chipotle enthusiast, and lover of all things tater tot!

hi i'm sara!

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Dear future little one,

I recently got my wedding ring (or engagement ring, whatever you wanna call it) back from the cleaners. I take it in every year like I’m supposed to (gotta keep it up for that warranty) and I’m always AMAZED at how pretty and sparkly it looks. Don’t get me wrong, I always love how my ring looks, but it’s like buying my ring for the first time when I get it back from the cleaners. 🥰 Just due to the nature of life (and hello I work at a children’s museum, we make TONS of messes) it slowly gets a tiny bit dirtier/cloudier every day. I don’t realize how sad it looks until it goes out for its regular cleaning and comes back looking AMAZING.

As I was sitting there admiring my clean sparkly ring, it struck me that marriage is just like my ring. Just due to the craziness of life, the most important relationship in my world doesn’t always get put first. And, just like my ring, it gets a tiny bit dimmer every day that I don’t intentionally focus on it. But it’s not until you fully devote a lot of intentional time into your marriage (like a really good date night, a private vacation) that you realize how dim it had become!!

My relationship with Kyle is worth far more to me than the diamonds that sit on my finger. It’s worth more to me than any amount of money you could possibly offer (hello, we’re in med school, ain’t no one got any money 😂). So I should treat it much better and take more care of it than I do my wedding ring.

I take my ring off before doing the dishes or cleaning or baking or any of those kinds of things. I don’t take it to the pool, I leave it when I go to the beach. I do everything I can to protect that ring and keep it away from harmful situations and prevent myself from losing it.

I should be just as careful with my marriage. No. I should be much more careful and intentional with my marriage. Schedule that date night. Put the phones in a different room. Find intentional activities to do TOGETHER (no Netflix doesn’t count).

Put just as much effort into your marriage as you put into keeping your wedding ring safe and clean.

Forever and Always,Sara


Treat Your Marriage like You Treat Your Wedding Ring | Sara Welburn Photography

January 16, 2020

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

GUYS GUYS GUYS!! I think I’m in love 😍 I mean obviously I’m in love with my husband (4 and a half years already?!) but I mean with this family session at the Pearl!! The Langelands are some of my very favorite repeat clients and they killed it at their session last week! Between the […]

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San Antonio family photo at Brackenridge Park

Guys, this senior session was one for the books!! Joseph is a spunky, talented, good-to-the-bone young man that you want your daughter to marry one day. He’s also an inspiring pianist and athlete (as evidenced by the photo with his gazillion medals)! He really wanted to incorporate his time on the track and field team […]

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