San Antonio wedding/family photographer, Chipotle enthusiast, and lover of all things tater tot!

Hi, I'm sara! 

San Antonio wedding/family photographer, Chipotle enthusiast, and lover of all things tater tot!

hi i'm sara!

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These two cuties have been married for almost 30 years!! We did a quick anniversary session at the San Antonio LDS Temple after getting some headshots done for them both. Kyle and I just passed our 4 year anniversary and seeing Heidi and Scott interact with each other makes me wonder… What will mine and Kyle’s relationship will be like in 26 more years? Will we know each other even better than we do now? Most definitely. Will we better understand what it take to have a successful fulfilling marriage? I certainly hope so. Will the trials we’ll undoubtedly face cause us to turn towards each other and towards God? Or will we allow it to harden our hearts and distance us from each other?

I hope that it will emulate a lot of the wonderful things in Heidi and Scott’s relationship. I love the quiet respect and affection that is present in every interaction between them. The soft chuckles and shared humor during their anniversary session. The sense of having leaned on each other through the hard parts of life. I’ve loved observing them separately at our church (before covid when we actually went to church). They both radiate a love of Christ and a desire to serve His children wholeheartedly. I truly believe that this is one key ingredient to happy, successful, lasting marriage: keeping God as the 3rd member or your marriage.

God in Your Marriage

In a marriage class I took in college (yes, I took a marriage class even thought I was still single at the time, and it was BOMB) they talked about the importance of viewing your marriage as a three-party arrangement. The 3 members were you, your spouse, and God. They stuck this diagram up on the white board and explained how, in your marriage, as both spouses independently draw closer to God, they grow closer together.

To me, this is so evident in Heidi and Scott’s marriage. You can feel the love they have towards God. And it shows in how they interact with each other and with others around them. 26 years from now, that’s what I want for me and Kyle. I want people to be able to look at us and just FEEL how much we love God and each other. I want to inspire people through our relationship just like Heidi and Scott have inspired me.

Thank you, Heidi and Scott, for inspiring me with your love! Enjoy some of my favorites from this super sweet anniversary session! 🙂


San Antonio Temple Anniversary Session – Sowards

August 29, 2020

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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