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I had an absolute BLAST with Stephanie and Tim at their engagement session last weekend! We went up to Joshua Springs Park and Reserve just north of Boerne, TX and laughed literally the whole time. I walked them through my posing system and they picked it up like PROS. They are so ready for all those gorgeous photos we’re gonna capture on their wedding day this October.

Their Story

Stephanie and Tim have the cutest story of how they started dating! They first met at college where Tim was doing his graduate work and Steph was finishing up her masters. They were both involved with the South Illinois University track and field team but didn’t really talk or hang out all that much. After they both graduated, Tim moved to Dallas and then OUT OF THE BLUE invited Stephanie to come visit him ALL THE WAY from Illinois. Sorry Tim, but it wouldn’t matter how cute or funny or {fill in attractive quality here} you were. I’d have said no. This wasn’t some “hey come drive an hour up to see me” kind of invitation. This was a “hey buy a plane ticket and travel across the freaking country to see me” invitation. Talk about intense.

But here’s the real kicker…. SHE SAID YES!

Steph flew out to visit Tim and to make it a memorable visit, he took her to a cute “little” Texas county fair that thousands of people flock to in the Fall. You know the kind: cute little pumpkins everywhere, slightly questionable but delicious food carts, people belting country songs at the top of their lungs. They were having a blast, and then in the midst of eating a TON of fried food and having a few drinks (which may have slightly influenced this next part here), Stephanie turns to Tim and says “I want one of those pumpkins.” One of those decorative pumpkins sitting all over the place; they wouldn’t miss just one.

So with a little encouragement from Tim, Stephanie just PICKS UP A PUMPKIN AND WALKS OUT THE FRONT DOOR. Some people gave her a few weird looks, but she literally just picked up the pumpkin and walked away.

How awesome is this girl?! I’m still dying laughing just thinking about the whole thing. The determined look on her face, Tim trying not to bust up laughing as they’re walking away, the smell of the deep fried oreos and who knows what else in the background. What an awesome first date, y’all. Like seriously. It’s a legit honor to be their wedding photographer!

Their Engagement Session

Well Steph and Tim were just as fun and goofy during their engagement session. Despite the stress of moving into a new house and all the hard things that come with wedding planning, they were able to leave all of that behind for a few hours and just focus on each other and the excitement of this big next step in their lives. That’s what engagement sessions are all about! Taking just a few hours to get to know your photographer, practice some posing so your a pro for your wedding day, and getting to really focus in on the person you love most in the entire world. Taking time to just breathe and relish this stage of being engaged.

I had such a hard time picking my faves but here they are! Some of my favorites from the engagement session of some new friends who I simply ADORE! Stephanie and Tim, I am honored to be your wedding photographer and can’t wait to be there on your special day. We’re gonna have so much fun!!!!!!

Love, Sara


Joshua Springs Engagement Session | Stephanie + Tim | Sara Welburn Photography

March 4, 2020

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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